Client Acknowledgements and Statements

“I have had The Wolfe Corp as a client to assist with my multiple businesses for over 5 years. It's a great feeling to have the people who work to build your vision care as much about it as you do. Marie is very thorough and effective when it comes to getting your paperwork right. I recommend the Wolfe Corp to every entrepreneur I come into contact with. I always tell them she never disappoints.”

Veto A.Rapid Appliance Repair LLC

“I had the pleasure to work with Marie Wolfe of Wolfe Corp on several occasions. She was instrumental in helping me establish my LLC with the state of MD. She also, through K.H.L.O.E., provided me with an outlet to communicate my business activity to the local community. She is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. She is a master of her craft and passionate in it. I would recommend her to anyone in need of these services!”

Godstrong LLC

“Over the last twenty years I have worked with and have witnessed The Wolfe Corporation work with many customers. We are grateful for their support and thoughtfulness. They have assisted us with business mediations, consulting for various projects and paralegal services. We always appreciate their advice, integrity, and support. We are blessed to have you Wolfe Corp as an ally. God Bless them in all your endeavors and accomplishments in assisting future customers and clients.”

Winfield C.

“I had the pleasure to work with Ms. Marie Wolfe with her assistance in motivational consulting. I needed Inspiration and Motivation on my Weight Loss Journey to create a healthier professional image. Ms. Wolfe was Passionate as well as Inspirational in helping me to move forward. I would recommend Ms. Marie Wolfe and Wolfe Corp to anyone in need of personal and professional inspiration and motivation in achieving their goals!”

Alice ClarkLife’s Next Step

“I have had the pleasure of seeing the hard work and dedication of Marie Wolfe and Wolfe Corp. The same hard work, dedication and good moral foundation has catapulted her to thrive in the work force and help many others. Her knowledge, hard work and work experience has been sought after by people in various professional fields to include but not limited to many lawyers and some of our political leaders. In addition to the professional services offered, Marie founded Keeping Hope Learning Optimal Endurance (K.H.L.O.E.) where she provides a platform to educate and assist people in numerous realms from professional to personal. Marie’s professional performance is above reproach.
While diversifying her professional life, she gives her all in everything and she is of high moral character. She is caring, has a good sense of humor, dedicated, trustworthy, dependable, loyal, a good listener, self- driven, and poses a high degree of professionalism.”

Tammie P.

“Marie Wolfe of Wolfe Corp and The Wolfe Corporation is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of starting a business. She walked me through the complete process of creating my company and had me up and running in no time. Marie researched all requirements and completed everything that I needed with accuracy in a timely manner. She set up my EIN, did the Florida Trade Name Research, helped me understand the differences and benefits of Single-Member LLC Operating Agreement verses a Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement and drafted and completed my Articles of Organization. She also did USPTO research information for my Trademark. Wolfe Corp saved me a lot of time enabling me to start working on my projects right away. I highly recommend Marie of Wolfe Corp for all your business starting needs! Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and knowledge.”

Rania SalibaSaliba Solutions LLC